I’m a winner!! Kinda. — Karin Slaughter Writing Competition

A few months back I entered into a writing competition hosted by the Dutch magazine ‘Crime’. Karin Slaughter herself wrote an introduction to a story and you were supposed to finish it in 1000 words. I saw this and thought; why the heck not.

I wrote a little tid bit and never thought I’d have a shot. Until I got an email halfway through October that I made it to the top 5!! I felt so cool! My piece actually made it to the top 5!! Waahhhhhhh!!!

In the end, I didn’t win but getting to the top 5 was good enough for me. As a consolation prize I got this book by Elizabeth Haynes “Revenge of the Tides”, which was recommended by Karin Slaughter herself 🙂

My winnings

Along with the book came a really nice postcard which read: “Dear Emma, Thank you for entering in the Karin Slaughter writing competition. As promised, I sent you a copy of “Bij het vallen van de Nacht” (Original title: Revenge of the tides) by Elizabeth Haynes. Sincerely Nanda Brouwer.

I took a chance on myself and actually got something to show for it! Maybe, possibly, I will take the time to see if I can turn that tid bit I wrote into an actual story.
Who knows right? Maybe there’s a novelist hidden in me somewhere.



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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