Conspiracy theory: cat edition

Around a year and a half ago this big ginger cat showed up. Every once in a while, usually at night, he’d creep into the house and ate some of the cat food that was there for our own 2 cats. We were fine with that at first but then, when he came around more and more often and the whether started getting colder, we put up flyers around the neighbourhood asking if anyone knew this cat and if so, let us know so we wouldn’t have to worry about him. Nobody claimed him.

As the time went by, he became more and more our cat. These last few months he actually started to come inside to sleep on our carpet while we’re all watching TV. The thing is, he has also started to attack our own cats. When that started to happen we decided that it would be best to call some of the people who can help us with him. One of the people that I have spoken to offered to take him in, see if he was chipped (if he is, he belongs to someone and you can contact the owner) and neuter him. Then, after he was ‘fixed’ and no other owners have come forward, he would be released back into our garden and we could really adopt him because he would be less aggressive to other cats.

So, I made an appointment with them to pick them up. They were coming today at 2 pm and since he is here all the time, I would be able to catch him and hand him over. However, for the first time in ages, he didn’t show up. He didn’t even come to eat in the morning. So when the woman who was going to pick him up came to the door, I had to tell her that she came for nothing – very awkward.

Not 10 minutes later he’s chilling in the garden, enjoying the fall sun. Un-freaking-believable.

My theory is that cats are telepathic. They can read my mind and he knew not to come. I can see it in the way he looked at me. It’s all a conspiracy. They’re laughing at me, I can feel it. *Twitch*

No worries though, I’m going to catch him tomorrow. Round 2 baby. The felines will not outsmart me, dammit.




Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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