My hypothetical trip around the world

Arghh already failing my ‘a post a day’ promise. It’s now 00:55 am so officially I missed a day. I’m cheating though, since I haven’t been to sleep yet, I am still calling it Saturday.

So, you know when that period in your life comes around where you kind of hit a drag? Whether it’s a sucky job or tedious studying or you’re just stuck in a plain old rut. It’s usually then when the question of ‘what would you do if you had an unlimited amount of money?’ hits. Well, if I had buckets of money at my disposal I would travel around the world. I have it all planned out.

First, I would fly to Columbus, Ohio. I have history there. My mom’s business partner lived there and when I was young we used to go there every summer. I’d want to go there to reminisce about the good old days, visit all the places we used to go. Then, I would rent a car and just drive. Firstly, through New England. I have always wondered if New England is really as idyllic as I imagine it to be. Especially Maine, the centre of all my well read Stephen King books. I’d drive along the coast right up to Boston to visit my mom’s business partner’s son. Then I’d drive to New York City, see the sights and what not. Spend a lot of time and money seeing shows on Broadway. Like, as much as possible. Then, I’d fly to Chicago to see the home town of Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files are one of my favourite series, I’ll write about them later). After Chicago I’d fly to Seattle. I think I would spend quite a lot of time in Seattle. I don’t know much about the city but I heard that it rains a lot and I Love the rain. Crazy reason? Well whatever. I have buckets of money to spend anyway.  Maybe I’d go south after that.. you know, Las Vegas, San Francisco, LA.. but I’m not sure yet.

After the mainland USA I’d go to Hawaii, take a vacation from all the heavy travelling work. Why not right?

Then, New Zealand. I have always dreamed of going there. See the sights, the amazing scenery and of course where they shot The Lord of The Rings.  I honestly think that would be the highlight of my trip. It would be like a dream come true. After that of course comes Australia – duh – to visit Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef. Honestly, I don’t know a lot about Australia so I’d have to do some hypothetical research for my hypothetical trip.

After that, Japan where I will eat sushi till I drop, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Jamaica. Then, back to Europe; Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.. then maybe, just maybe, it would be time to go home. Ambitious no?

Unfortunately though, I don’t have buckets of money at my disposal and such an elaborate trip around the world is not in the cards for me. Nor is any other kind of trip around the world for that matter. I’m still a poor, lowly student. So for now, dreams will have to do. One day though.. one day. I hope.

Till soon.



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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